Horse dentist

Horses teeth are important ! Take care !

The mouth of your horse is a complex system, in evolution throughout his entire life. Indeed, contrary to the man whose dental "growth" is limited, to the horse the dental "growth" is going to go on. The extension of this "growth" is intended to compensate for wear dental tables.

The nutrition of the horse

The mouth is the first part of the digestive system: it is in the mouth that food is prepared for its digestive journey. The horse is a herbivore that can not chew his food again unlike ruminants. It is essential that it is properly crushed on the first pass so that the horse can assimilate all the vitamins necessary for its daily maintenance. The teeth have a fundamental role in the digestion of food. The molar prepare food by a mechanically driven milling and a very fine division, to which are added a strong moistening by the saliva. Also, leave the horse all the time and tranquility for it eats its food. Improper chewing of food is a primary reason for their misuse. The incisors are used for grasping food and sometimes in defense (bite, scratch ...). The horse's teeth are in continuous growth. The distributed food must be sufficiently abrasive to allow gradual and even wear of a few millimeters per year grows, so that the teeth always have a constant length.
In nature the horse eats about 18 hours a day of poor food into energy but rich in minerals and fiber that contains aggressive silicate.
To grind their food the chewing motion of the horse is circular.

Dental care of your horse

It is important to monitor the condition of your horse dung, his way of eating. Any abnormality is often a sign of a bad tooth. Regular dental care (once a year) contribute to the welfare of horses by ensuring better digestion, less risk of colic, suppression of injuries inside the cheeks and on the gums, and a better contact with the mouth., Horse dentist, last news.

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