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Here is our advice as to how to keep your horses back safe

Taking care of your horse is essential when you practice horseback riding. Despite dental problems, horses can also suffer from back problems. This is often due to a saddle not adapted to the horse’s morphology. The horse’s back being the part where you settle for rinding your horse, you must take care of it. We will explain how to do it.

Choosing a quality saddle for your horse

Having a saddle is good, but having a high quality saddle is even better. Many dealers offer saddles of big brands, reconditioned and sold at low prices. That is how you will easily find used saddles like antares saddles, sold at affordable price. Essentially leather, these quality accessories still have long and beautiful years ahead of them. Then, you can try your saddle during few days before buying it. This is to know if it really seats your horse’s back.

Buy a saddle adapted to the horse’s back

A quality saddle is not enough; the latter must perfectly matches the curves of your horse. In most cases, it is the saddle that causes the back problems of the horse. In fact, a saddle of bad size or poor quality can cause discomfort or injury. Too small, the saddle can compress the withers and prevent the free movements of the animal. Too large, it would put the rider in an uncomfortable situation causing burns or even instability.

Install quality accessories for your saddle

The saddle does not lie naked on the horse’s back. It rests on a saddle carpet. The saddle pad must therefore be soft and thick enough to cushion the shocks. Like saddles, there are carpets of all types, adapted to the practice of a given equestrian sport. Indeed, just as with each type of equestrian sport corresponds a type of saddle, to each type of saddle also corresponds a type of saddle carpet. Choose the one suits your horse’s back best.

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