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Put water in the food of your old horse

Feeding the horse is often the sine qua non of his well being. Good food is foremost a witness to the good health and the fitness of the horse. It is therefore quite normal to prioritize and specify so that the animal does not fall sick easily. Of course, tricks like putting water in his food will last, but it will understand the concept first.

The power supply and the needs of the horse

First, he knows that the horse is a herbivore that spends on average 15 hours a day to feed. The digestive apparatus of the horse is suited to this food and rhythm must be the basis of his daily diet to avoid health problems. Regarding for his teeth, they are perfectly adapted to the consumption of large amounts of forage. The trick for the welfare His strong teeth will be to put water in his food so that the latter will soften a tad and thus preserves its teeth. It goes without saying that at the quantity, it will be important to provide an adequate amount. In the stomach of the horse, so be aware that it is particularly suited to small ingested small amounts at each meal. Also, because the horse is not a ruminant, it directly ingests food once it has chewed them.

Other facts to consider

It will also note that the horse has a fragile intestine because it is both sensitive to changes in diets. Also, his gut is very sensitive to mold, dust and the various poisonings. We must therefore ensure monitor these so that there is no disorder in his diet. on the site, a wide range nutrition side will be proposed for equestrian lovers. Of course, to withstand this enormous amount of food ingested, it has to digest huge amounts of water and fiber. Finally, It will be noted that the functioning of the digestive system of the horse depend entirely on the quantity and hours between drinking and exercise.

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