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Taking care of your horses food

A proper and balanced diet is an essential part of caring for your horse.
Horses are herbivores, but non-ruminants. They therefore have only one stomach, much like humans. However, unlike the latter, the stomach is capable of digesting plant fibers that come from the grass and hay. Horses prefer to eat small amounts of food regularly throughout the day, as they do in nature by grazing in pastures.

Like all animals, equines must absorb to survive the five classes of nutrients which are: fat, carbohydrates (carbs), protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Take care of your horse by giving it:

- Ideally the grass in a pasture : potentially 50 to 100 kg gross per day if available and according to their physiological needs.
- The stored fodder: hay and straw. Equine nutritionists recommend that 50% of the daily food of the animal must be composed of forage.
- Concentrates foods containing seeds of various grains, minerals and vitamins.
Of course, in addition it consumes water that must be continuously available at will. Water makes up 62-68% of the total weight of a horse. Horses can only live a few days without water, and become dangerously dehydrated when they lost between 7 and 9% of the water they are naturally formed. Therefore, it is particularly important for your horse to have access to water both fresh, clean, and in sufficient quantity. Its consumption is going to be the type of horse, but also the type of food consumed, its physiological stage, climatic conditions and the work done. It absorbs more hot weather, if consuming dry feed such as hay, or a large amount of salt, potassium and magnesium. Instead, the horses drink less cool weather, they feed in a pasture to pasture, which contains a high water rates.

Take of your horse by giving it a good quality food at regular intervals and always giving the same diet will prevent many health problems. More attention with !

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